• If you own a home, it’s important for you to know your household’s net worth and track it over time to make the best move. If you don’t own a home, your REFP will help you towards financial freedom and possibly home ownership sooner.

  • Our software takes your unique information and processes it using machine learning and millions of data points in our database to produce your plan. The software is trained to recommend the most efficient option.

  • Recent comparable sales on your street and your area are used to determine the value. We have not factored in unique criteria such as home renovations, finished basements, etc., however, your Plan Advisor can provide a FREE in home evaluation anytime.

  • Fully free, forever. We are powered by providing you with the information you need to make better decisions.

  • Traditionally, your realtor, your mortgage specialist, your financial advisor operate in silos in a broken model. We have aligned all of your real estate goals and objectives in one cohesive platform.

  • For most, there first and possibly largest investment is in their home. Most people understand real estate and its potential. The benefit of security and peace of mind knowing there is an actual asset in place.

  • Most of our Plan Advisors are licensed as real estate and/or mortgage agents. They have a passion for your real estate and are seasoned industry experts.

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  • After reviewing your plan. Contact your Plan Advisor to execute your next step towards financial freedom. Realty, Mortgages, Investments – Your Advisor will help you execute.

  • You are encouraged to update your plan once every three months and atleast every year. In between, you should log in to review your dashboard for recommendations and information.

  • You can revise information in your dashboard

  • Absolutely. The plan is most powerful when having others to support you along the way.

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