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Real Estate

By using cutting edge Articifical Intelligence, our Planulife platform finds the perfect solutions for all your Real Estate needs.


6.00pm - 7.00pm

Invest into private real estate funds to avoid the hassels of owning real estate directly. Traditionally only exclusively to the ultra wealthy, learn why private investments are the hottest growing market in Canada.

Topics include:
- Institutionalization of private real estate in Canada.
- Importance of income funds.
- Tax benefits of registered accounts.
- LP Equity investment vs. investment property
- Diversified private real estate portfolio - Passive vs. Active

Our Financial Literacy series of webinars will teach you how to ride the GTA Property wave, explain the rules on how to get started, and show you the common mistakes that first time investors make.

Our panel of experts and guest speakers will discuss a different topic, at the end of which they will host a Q&A session.

Winter 2021
Winter GTA Realty Investment Forum
  • Real Estate: Winter vs Spring/Summer market
  • Top 5 Tips on 1st Investment property
  • How to diversify your portfolio
  • What's a Realty Fund?
Spring 2021
Get from Starter Home to
Dream Home in 5 years
  • How to climb up the property ladder in 2021
  • Market changes in the GTA
  • How to best protect your finances
Summer 2021
How to Invest in the GTA
Real Estate Market in 2021
  • The GTA Real Estate Market
  • Investment hotspots
  • Rental property vs. Stocks
  • Tax efficient Investments
Fall 2021
First Time GTA Home
Buyers Guide 2021
  • Guide to Budgeting
  • Pre-con vs. Resale
  • Affordable hotspots
  • The best way to search for property