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Real Estate Financial Plan
  • Obtain your current & projected future household worth
  • Maximize your real estate wealth by executing on your options
  • Track your wealth over time to know whento make your next move
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Access Investments
  • Exclusive debt and equity investments
  • Fractional ownership allows you to minimize your risk & invest as low as $1,000
  • Tax effective investing strategies. Use registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, etc.).
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Our Investments

Mortgage Income Fund


Fully Open

Registered Accounts

Minimum Investment


Compound Annually


Secure tax-efficient income stream with 100% of your investment deployed in housing creation.

Equity Fund


2 Year

Non-registered Investment Only

Minimum Investment


Projected Annual Return


Planulife's Equity Fund allows investors to maximize their after tax real estate return by investing in construction projects.

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Invest in a blend of debt and equity real estate investments for returns you can count on

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Secure your money against real estate, the investment you can see

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Our hands on approach aims to generate returns at multiples of the stock market

Want to supplement your income?

Invest your savings into a fund that pays monthly returns

Ready for your big payday?

Lock in your funds for optimal returns upon exit in 3 to 6 years

Time to own more with less.

Our investments allow for fractional ownership to spread your risk

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